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Master List

This is the Master List for the Spook Me Multi-Fandom Halloween Ficathon! I'm so excited, I can't wait to see what everyone has written!

In this post, please comment with something like this:

Fandom: (please, no abbreviations)
A link to my story:

Post your story anywhere (an LJ, web page, archive) but please do not post your story here. Just a link to your story.

The Master List

Battlestar Galactica

Wear a Human Face by Ana ana_grrl

Criminal Minds

Trickster, Part 1 & Trickster, Part 2 by nebula99 nebula99

CSI (Las Vegas, Miami, New York)

The Killer In The Backseat (Las Vegas) by Quinny quinnykins

Sometimes Protein Does a Body Bad (Las Vegas) by inthekeyofd inthekeyofd

Wake (New York) by scarletts_awry

My Skin (New York) by callista_mythol

Walking After Midnight (New York) by stellaluna_

Detective Conon/Magic Kaito

Cibum amo by Icka! M. Chif ickaimp


Jack O'Neill, Sex God - or - And They Call This a Punishment? (Crossover with Stargate SG-1) by dustandroses


Scavengers by Emily bluflamingo

Forever Knight

Keeping the Wolves from the Door (Xover with Full Metal Alchemist and Highlander) by Rhi gryphonrhi

Fruits Basket

Ghost Hunt by cornerofmadness

Fullmetal Alchemist

The Believers by cornerofmadness

Keeping the Wolves from the Door (Xover with Highlander and Forever Knight) by Rhi gryphonrhi

Gundam Wing

Just a House by Merith merith

Harry Potter

The Diabolical Dr. Wald (Crossover with Twin Peaks) by la_onza


Keeping the Wolves from the Door (Xover with Full Metal Alchemist and Forever Knight) by Rhi gryphonrhi


Suppertime by iluvroadrunner6

Matrix Trilogy/Animatrix

Gifted by arianadawnhawk

Rurouni Kenshin

Satisfaction by nebulia

The Sentinel

Too Late the Shaman by maaaaa

The Devil You Know by PsychGirl snycock

Stargate: Atlantis

A World is Not Enough by Auburn auburnnothenna

Ghost in the Machine by Sholio sholio

Snake Eyes by Maverick maverick4oz

Noah by Amarra ladyamarra

Jawbone Festival by lavvyan

Stargate SG-1

Moonset by Geonn geonncannon

The Slumbering Place in the Stars by Jennghis Kahn - surreallis

Jack O'Neill, Sex God - or - And They Call This a Punishment? (Crossover with Eureka) by dustandroses


The Sign Said Beer and Girls by grrli

When Dean Says You’ll Need A Gun, Believe Him by goshdarnheck

Spiders, Spiders, Everywhere by meredevachon

Play Dead by cgb mandysbitch


Myrmidon by queasy xsmoonshine

Twin Peaks

The Diabolical Dr. Wald (Crossover with Harry Potter) by la_onza

The X-Files

Fears by Margie margarks

The Importance of Respecting Other Planets by veiledndarkness

Note: Xovers are listed twice, under each fandom. Sorry if this causes any inconvenience.

A Note To Readers: Please take a moment to leave a comment for the stories you read. Thanks!

Thank you everyone for signing up for the Ficathon. I hope everyone had a good experience. In a day or two, there will be a follow-up post. I'd love to hear what you have to say about Spook Me. I think I might be crazy enough to do this again next year.

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