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Master List for Spook Me 2019!

This is the Master List for the Spook Me Multi-Fandom Halloween Ficathon 2019!

In this post, please comment with something like this:

Fandom: (please, no abbreviations)
A link to my story:

Post your story anywhere (to LJ/DW, web page, AO3, a fandom archive, etc.) but please do not post your story here. Just a link to your story.

Master List:

Alliance-Union - C. J. Cherryh:

Into, Under, and Behind by chomiji aka opalmatrix

Angel: The Series

Hell is For Children by cornerofmadness

Band of Brothers:

Pirates! by arwen88

BBC Sherlock:

Sailing the Sea on the Redbeard by jkkitty

Batman (comics):

Mi Casa Es Mi Casa by fleetsparrow

Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

Chasing the Grey Line by sparrow2000

Excardiation or at DW by beer_good_foamy aka Beer Good

Bungou Stray Dogs:

Bitter Harvest by zabimitsuki

How to Write a Horror Story by zabimitsuki

Call Me By Your Name (2017) RPF:

Wolfy by emmatheslayer

Critical Role:

a heaet-shaped knot of roots or at DW by kimaracretak

Crossing Lines:

Take the Dead Out of Me by azombiewrites

Dear Ladies:

Alive On The Ocean by scfrankles

Doctor Who:

Caught You Napping by cyberiad_queen aka Cyberia

Priority Zero by cyberiad_queen aka Cyberia

Reasonable Exceptions by cyberiad_queen aka Cyberia

The Illusor by cyberiad_queen aka Cyberia

The Medusa Tree by cyberiad_queen aka Cyberia


Another Path Taken by sharpest_asp aka Merfilly


Tracking by tarlanx aka Tarlan

Evil Dead Series:

Pirated Souls by bring_me_sugar aka Missy

Fallout 4:

Fatal Error by black_sluggard aka Black Sluggard


Unsolved by badly_knitted

Fire Emblem Awakening:

Anointed by taichara

Fire Emblem: Three Houses:

Sated by kalloway


Well Played by cyberiad_queen aka Cyberia

Harry Potter:

Unknown Choice by musyc

Identity V:

Nothing Comes From Nothing by foxjar

Iron Fist:

Ghosts of Me and You by sholio

Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress:

Stronger Than Fear or on FF.net or on DW by jordannamorgan

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild:

Ultimate Havoc by cyberiad_queen aka Cyberiad

Man from UNCLE:

Boogey(man) Fever by spikesgirl58

You Taste So Good by jkkitty

Marvel Cinematic Universe:</a>

Double Vision by rhi


Serpentine by glitterburn

Original Fiction:

Ben by cyberiad_queen aka Cyberia

Darker Realms by cyberiad_queen aka Cyberia

Delta Sigma One Five Seven by cyberiad_queen aka Cyberia

Enmity by cyberiad_queen aka Cyberia

The Giant of Karlmen by cyberiad_queen aka Cyberia

Homage by cyberiad_queen aka Cyberia

In That Little Town by cyberiad_queen aka Cyberia

Katarina by cyberiad_queen aka Cyberia

Learning Opportunity cyberiad_queen aka Cyberia

Lest They Rise Again cyberiad_queen aka Cyberia

LORD by cyberiad_queen aka Cyberia

Main Course by cyberiad_queen aka Cyberia

My Android Twin by cyberiad_queen aka Cyberia

Never A Dull Moment by cyberiad_queen aka Cyberia

One Of Them by cyberiad_queen aka Cyberia

Scene Of The Crime by cyberiad_queen Cyberia

Shrewd Businessmen by cyberiad_queen aka Cyberia

So Far To Fall by cyberiad_queen aka Cyberia

That One Full Moon cyberiad_queen aka Cyberia

The Bait by cyberiad_queen aka Cyberia

The Green Girls by cyberiad_queen aka Cyberia

The Halfway Point by cyberiad_queen aka Cyberia

The Raver's Plague by cyberiad_queen aka Cyberia

Time Beast by cyberiad_queen aka Cyberia

Too Curious by cyberiad_queen aka Cyberia

Oz (The HBO Series):

Surprise Vacation by shabby86

Persona 5:

Ghost of You by foxjar


Last Night I Watched You Sleeping, Once More The Nightmare Came by tellshannon815

Sackett Series - Louis L'Amour

Lafitte's Guardian by sharpest_asp aka Merfilly

Sapphire and Steel:

Walking Elements by spikesgirl58

Sherlock Holmes - Arthur Conan Doyle:

By this Strange Compass by stonepicnicking_okapi

Sherlock Holmes - Rathbone films:

Hunter and Hunted or at DW by luthienberen

Spider-Man: Far From Home:

Resolving Enchantments by kitmerlot1213

Spooks (MI5):

Rescuing His Captain by smallhobbit

Stargate Atlantis:

Castle Atlantis by spiralicious

Sneaking Up on You by goddess47

Star Trek Alternate Original Series (movies):

(Caught Between the) Scylla and Charybdis by skyblue_reverie

Stranger Things:

Bathed in Fear by vanillalime


Have No Fear by jdl71

Taskmaster UK RPF:

In The Teardrop Of A Giant by sashataakheru crossover with Welsh Mythology.

The Monkees:

Aerwyna by cyberiad_queen aka Cyberia

A Witch Next Door cyberiad_queen aka Cyberia

The Magic Notepad by cyberiad_queen aka Cyberia

You, Me, And The Deep of the Sea by cyberiad_queen aka Cyberia

The Sentinel:

Boogeyman in the House by franscats

Come Back Unbidden by mab_browne

One of a Kind by pattrose

Taken by pattrose

The Vampire Hunters by pattrose

Tokyo Ghoul:

A Family Affair by foxjar


Bug-a-boo Boogaloo by mscatmoon

Evilution by badly_knitted

Transformers (Bay Movies):

Fire with Fire by eerian_sadow

Transformers Generation One:

Ghost in Praxus by eerian_sadow

Turn: Washington's Spies (2014):

Undeath by luthienberen

Venom (Movie 2018):

Costume Party by monicawoe

Voltron: Legendary Defender:

Beware For I Am Fearless by broadbeam aka Lunarium

Welsh Mythology

In The Teardrop Of A Giant by sashataakheru crossover with Taskmaster (UK TV) RPF

Collection at AO3: You can post your story to the Spook Me Collection 2019 on AO3. This is not a requirement, just a little extra thing you can do if you want to. If you've written for past Spook Me ficathons, you can add to the main collection or to the subcollection of the specific year that you wrote the story.

ETA: Enjoy the Spook Me Album for 2019 - All artwork is credited whenever possible.
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