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Spook Me Multi-Fandom Ficathon 2018

When the chill winds of autumn rattle the bare limbs of the trees, and dark clouds race across the face of the moon, the veil between worlds lifts to reveal:

The Spook Me Multi-Fandom Halloween Ficathon 2018!

This ficathon was created by ozsaur and dustandroses because we love spooky stories. trillingstar has been very helpful with finding great art prompts and is hosting this year's artwork. Halloween is the best time of year for reading stories that offer pulse pounding thrills, blood curdling dread and hair-raising horror.

All fandoms are welcome. Stories can be Gen, Het, Slash or Femslash. All ratings are accepted.

We have TWO new Creatures this year: Baba Yaga and Wendigo! trillingstar put together a CREEPY collection of Baba Yaga art for Spook Me, I can't wait for you to see them!

Sadly, Men In Black is being retired this year. It's been difficult to find new pieces of artwork for that creature. The last couple of years, I was lucky to find even two pieces of art for the prompt. Anyone who still wants to write for Men In Black can do so, but I won't be able to send artwork prompts for it.

Dates to Know:

September 7: Sign ups start.
September 16: Sign ups end.
September 18: Prompts sent out.
October 20: Reminder posted here - please friend if you want to get the reminder.
October 26: Master Post opens, stories are due!

Creature List:

Aquatic Monster
BAGA YAGA (this year only)
Giant (human or animal)
Mad Scientist
Men In Black (retired)
Monster from Space
Tentacle Monster
WENDIGO (this year only)

Note: the creatures are listed as singular, but you can use multiple creatures. Werewolves instead of one Werewolf, for example.

When you sign up, please use this template or something like it:

Fandom: (full name of fandom, not an abbreviation)
The creature I want to write:

Things to Know:

1) Please choose one creature from the list. If you want, I can send you a creature prompt as well as the two secret prompts.

You only need to include your fandom so I can have an idea of what fandoms are represented and to help set up the Master List. Please give the full name of your fandom, not an abbreviation. If your prompts inspire you to write for a different fandom than the one you signed up for, that isn't a problem.

2) On September 18th, I will send you two secret prompts. Those prompts will be artwork that is strange, surreal and hopefully scary! You will then have three prompts-- the monster prompt that you chose plus the two secret prompts that I will send. You only have to use one prompt in your story, but if you manage to fit all three, I'll be pretty darned impressed!

3) My preference is for stories that are spooky, scary, chilling or even gruesome. But if you decide to write action/adventure, a humorous story, or something else altogether, I'll be perfectly happy with that. Just as long as your story includes one of your prompts.

4) The Master List will be posted on October 26th. In the comments of the Master List, give your name, fandom and a link to your story. You may post your story anywhere: a web page, your LJ or DW, an archive etc. But do not post your story here.

5) There will be absolutely no consequences if can't get your story in by the deadline. In other words, I won't show up on your doorstep wielding a chainsaw. Your story will end up on the Master List eventually, no matter how late it is. I'll be around for a couple of days after the deadline, so your story will be added fairly quickly.

This ficathon is as low pressure as I can make it. Please do not feel guilty if you sign up and realize that you can't write a story. If writing for this ficathon isn't fun for you, then please stop.

6) Real People slash/fiction is allowed.

7) Warnings are up to the discretion of the writer. This is a horror themed challenge, so participate at your own risk.

8) Last, please check your spam filters. I don't mind resending prompts, but please, check your spam folders first. If you have any problems at all, contact me at ausar@netdoor.com.

9) There is no minimum or maximum word counts. Drabbles and ficlets are fine. Monster epics are great too! But please make sure the story is complete.

10) I'm okay with sending multiple prompts, just list the monsters and fandoms you want them for.

You can sign up at Livejournal or at Dreamwidth. You do not need an LJ or DW account to participate. As long as you have an email address where I can send your prompts, you can sign up.

Feel free to promote/pimp the challenge everywhere that it is allowed.
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