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Master List for Spook Me Halloween Ficathon 2016

This is the Master List for the Spook Me Multi-Fandom Halloween Ficathon 2016!

In this post, please comment with something like this:

Fandom: (please, no abbreviations)
A link to my story:

Post your story anywhere (to LJ/DW, web page, AO3, a fandom archive, etc.) but please do not post your story here. Just a link to your story.

The Master List:

Aubrey-Maturin Series - Patrick O'Brian:

First Encounter of the Intimate Kind by alltoseek

BBC Sherlock:

In The Mind's Eye by scandalbaby

Leaves by discordantwords

Metamorphosis by saki101

The Demon in My Dreams by jkkitty

The Serpant's Gift by snarryfool aka ancientreader

Buffy the Vampire Slayer:

Eternal Beauty by brutti_ma_buoni

It Raineth On The Just or on LJ or on DW by beer_good_foamy

Timeslip by norienchronicle aka AFTanith

DC's Legends of Tomorrow:

Out of Time (Death Comes Calling) by sperrywink

Dear Ladies:

Till Death Us Do Part by scfrankles

Discworld - Terry Pratchett:

Death By Bingo or on DW by rhi aka Gryphonrhi - Crossover with Highlander

Doctor Who:

Burn You Out (It's a Pleasure) by merryghoul

How Does Your Garden Grow? by cyberiad_queen

In Which Pooh Discovers A Blue Box or on LJ or on DW by beer_good_foamy Crossover with Winnie the Pooh

Nogitsune by cyberiad_queen

Sunglasses At Night by cyberiad_queen

The Blood Moons by cyberiad_queen

The Reaper's Seat by cyberiad_queen

Eerie, Indiana:

Hungry by froodle

Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim:

Back To The Dark by norienchronicle aka AFTanith


Creepy Crawlies by tarlanx aka Tarlan

Flawed Beings by tarlanx aka Tarlan

Fullmetal Alchemist:

Unable Are the Loved to Die by cornerofmadness

Good Omens - Neil Gaiman & Terry Pratchett:

Feedback Noise by alltoseek

Hannibal (NBC Series):

Blood Mendicant by lostlikeme


Death By Bingo or on DW by rhi aka Gryphonrhi - Crossover with Discworld - Terry Pratchett

How To Get Away With Murder:

Laurel Isn't Home by Saint Newt

Inception (2010)

Razor Sharp by alltoseek

Kamen Rider Amazons:

a hundred million yen and a blowjob from an idol by cypher

Les Misérables:

For a First Effort This Feels Kinda Last Ditch by paopu_parachute

Man from UNCLE:

Death is Easy by spikesgirl58

The Bullet of Life by jkkitty

The Shadowed Affair by azombiewrites

Mobile Suit Gundam: Iron-Blooded Orphans:

To Sunder The Wolf's Cold Jaws by taichara

Original Fiction:

Death at Sea by badass_tiger

Peril in Point Pleasant by jana_denardo (Lucerna Universe)

Over The Garden Wall:

Closing For Winter by earthstarmoon

Oz the HBO Series:

The Lure by macaroncey aka Macaron

When Death Dies or on LJ by vanillalime

Oz the HBO Series RPF (Leeloni):

Summoned Companion by shabby86

Robin Hood (BBC 2006):

The Peter's Tree by thesmallhobbit aka Small_Hobbit

Sharpe (TV):

Sharpe's Swan by tanaquific aka Tanaqui

Sherlock Holmes by Arthur Conan Doyle

Ghost Stories by okapi1895 aka Okapi

L’arbore di Diana (In Diana’s Garden) or on AO3 by gardnerhill

Sparkadia - Fingerprints (song)

Fingerprints by sashataakheru

Stand Still Stay Silent:

Scars of Magic by broadbeam aka Scribe_of_Mirrormere

Star Trek Reboot:

Merciless by kitmerlot1213

Star Trek: the Original Series:

Angels from Down Below by snowynight

Star Wars: The Clone Wars:

Blood of Empires by sharpest_asp aka Merfilly

Stranger Things:

Combat Baby by little_huntress


A Halloween Date For Sam by vexed_wench

Mistakes by kattrip033 aka Spiralicious

Supernatural RPF:

What's Up Doc? by emmatheslayer

The Mentalist:

The Tea Party by sirenofodysseus

The Musketeers (2014):

Light As Snow Footsteps (As Secrets Become Discovered Transgressions) by lady_katana4544

The Sentinel:

A Look at the Future by pattrose

Help Me If You Can by pattrose

The Beast Within by pattrose

The Demented Mind by pattrose

The Leech by franscats


Thief In The Night by badly_knitted

Traveling Wilburys RPF AU:

Run Away! by sashataakheru

Voltron: Legendary Defender:

Smells Like Death by gingayellow

Winnie the Pooh:

In Which Pooh Discovers A Blue Box or on LJ or on DW by beer_good_foamy Crossover with Doctor Who

Collection at AO3: You can post your story to the Spook Me 2016 Collection on AO3. This is not a requirement, just a little extra thing you can do if you want to. If you've written for past Spook Me ficathons, you can add to the main collection or to the subcollection of the specific year that you wrote the story.
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