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Sorry For Delays

Normally, I'm around until Halloween to put stories up on the Master List. Due to Hurricane Zeta, I was without electricity until late Saturday night. Sunday we had a belated birthday celebration.

All the stories that have been added to the comments on both Livejournal and Dreamwidth will be put up on the Master List today. If you're still working on a story, I'll be here to put it up as well. Please feel free to include your stories in the collection at AO3.

Everything here is fine. No one was hurt, and the weather was cool enough that going without a/c was not a hardship.

According to the news, I'll still be able to vote tomorrow, so YAY!

Thank you all for participating!
Frankenstein by Dusty

Spook Me Master List 2020

This is the Master List for Spook Me Multifandom Ficathon 2020!

Please post with something like this:
Fandom: (please, no abbreviations)
A link to my story:

You can post your stories anywhere (a website, AO3, LJ, DW etc.) Please post the link to your story in the comments to this post.

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If you want, you can add your story to Spook Me Collection on AO3. This is not a requirement.
Frankenstein by Dusty

Deadline Reminder 2020

The deadline for posting your stories is coming up!

The Masterlist will open on October 26th.

You may post your story anywhere, then put the link into the comments of that post.

I hope all is going well with your writing!
Frankenstein by Dusty

Prompts Sent!

The prompts have been sent on both DW and LJ.

I apologize for some of you getting late prompts. I had computer problems that took my husband all day Friday and most of Saturday to fix. I don't know why my computer works perfectly when I'm goofing off, but decides to go kaput when I have something important to do. Again, I'm sorry for the late prompts.

If you haven't gotten your prompts, please check your spam filters, or your other email addresses. Please leave a comment here, or email me at if you need to have your prompts re-sent.

If you have any questions, or other problems, leave a comment here, or email me.

Here is the art folder: Spook Me Art Album 2020

There is a ton of artwork here to enjoy!
Frankenstein by Dusty

Spook Me Multi-Fandom Ficathon 2020

When the chill winds of autumn rattle the bare limbs of the trees, and dark clouds race across the face of the moon, the veil between worlds lifts to reveal:

The Spook Me Multi-Fandom Halloween Ficathon 2020!

This ficathon was created by ozsaur and dustandroses because we love spooky stories. trillingstar has been very helpful with finding great art prompts and is hosting this year's artwork. Halloween is the best time of year for reading stories that offer pulse pounding thrills, blood curdling dread and hair-raising horror.

All fandoms are welcome. Stories can be Gen, Het, Slash or Femslash. All ratings are accepted.

We have TWO new Creatures this year: KRAMPUS and EVIL TOYS!!!

Sadly, Men In Black was retired. Anyone who still wants to write for Men In Black can do so, but I won't be able to send artwork prompts for it.

Dates to Know:

September 8: Sign ups start.
September 17: Sign ups end.
September 19: Prompts sent out.
October 20: Reminder posted here - please friend if you want to get the reminder.
October 26: Master Post opens, stories are due!

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When you sign up, please use this template or something like it:

Fandom: (full name of fandom, not an abbreviation)
The creature I want to write:

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I apologize for the delay here on LJ. I had to contact tech support at my service provider to straighten things out. They were quarantining messages from LJ. You can now sign up here or on Dreamwidth. You don't need an account at LJ or DW as long as you send me your sign up by email at ausar @ netdoor DOT com.

Feel free to promote the challenge everywhere that it is allowed.
Frankenstein by Dusty

Master List for Spook Me 2019!

This is the Master List for the Spook Me Multi-Fandom Halloween Ficathon 2019!

In this post, please comment with something like this:

Fandom: (please, no abbreviations)
A link to my story:

Post your story anywhere (to LJ/DW, web page, AO3, a fandom archive, etc.) but please do not post your story here. Just a link to your story.

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Collection at AO3: You can post your story to the Spook Me Collection 2019 on AO3. This is not a requirement, just a little extra thing you can do if you want to. If you've written for past Spook Me ficathons, you can add to the main collection or to the subcollection of the specific year that you wrote the story.

ETA: Enjoy the Spook Me Album for 2019 - All artwork is credited whenever possible.
Frankenstein by Dusty


This post is to remind you that stories are due on October 26th. The Master Post will go up, and you can link to your story in the comments. The 2019 collection at AO3 will also be opened on the 26th, and you can add your story if you want to. It's not a requirement.

I'll be posting the Inspiration Post later this evening to get you in the BOOOO'd... er mood for the season!
Frankenstein by Dusty

Prompts are OUT!

All Prompts have been sent out! You should have two links to pictures of the Creature(s) you asked for. I hope you are inspired by them, but if you already have an idea of your own, and don't need it, that's great!

If you haven't gotten an email from me, please let me know so I can re-send, or otherwise help. Check your spam folders, or side email accounts first.

You can ask questions here in the comments or email me at

Have fun writing!